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People ask me all the time, 

"When you are working on a piece, how do you know when it's finished?"

 It's when it finally finds its home

 - Sandra Meyer

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Her Story . . . 

My art came from some unexpected circumstances.

As far back as I can remember, I was always drawing on everything. I drove my poor family crazy, because I drew all over their stuff all the time. I drew on the walls, floors, and counters. Everywhere. Constantly making marks. My marks. To express what I deeply felt. It felt good, in spite of my family’s complaints. So I kept going. 

“That’s was fun, I want to paint another one”.

Finally, my mother bought me a few paints of my own, and some canvases. 

And then suddenly there were

horses, flowers, and friends

. . . a little girl’s world. 


Funny how some things never change.

"Life in not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take

your breath away"

Maya Angelou

Her Studio
Her Studio . . . 

It’s where seeds get planted and things grow, harvesting into a life of confidence, grit and bravery. It’s where life blooms before me, in front of an easel and share it’s amazement and wonder. Baring my soul in such a way, I honor every moment of my life's past and present. All its joy and tears. All its blessing and regrets. It’s a place of pure honesty.

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