Thanks so much for signing up and being a part of something that is very important to me, my Email Newsletter. Being on that list, each of you see my latest work first before the art is shipped off to galleries and shows. And you also recieve a "Special" discount on pricing and shipping.  

I am so honored by everyones interest and love for my work. It's this kind of support that moves the spirit and plays such an important and valued role in an artist's work. It's "moments" like this that fulfills me as I'm in front of the easel each day.

So let me say thanks to each of you by doing more than offering discounted prices on art. I want to add the opportunity for a free piece with your next purchase.

While the series is still available, when you buy a piece of mine, (that is located here in my studio and not in one of my galleries or shows), you can choose a second piece from my "Moment Series", For Free! It's my way of saying "Thanks" for being a big part of my love for art by signing up for my newsletter.

- S. Meyer

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