Sandra Meyer’s richly textured works are a celebration of the reflection of life, and how it can embody our own existence, struggles and celebrations.

"I'm mostly inspired by capturing moments of simplicity, whether it would be from a treasured time from the past, or a present moment with friends, or the stillness and strength that one gathers alone.”

A former musician and member of the Nashville music industry, Sandra holds a music degree and was an oboist before she turned her creative expression onto the canvas.  A painter since a young age, Sandra promotes her artwork nationally with her husband at top galleries and installations around the country. Art collectors continually seek her work out.

Sandra’s work is on canvas and wood panels. Some of which is mounted on antique birch. She uses Ink, shaved concrete, Japanese paper with gunpowder infusion, found papers, antique fabrics, wax, acrylic gel textures, pencil, chalk, oils, washes and dyes. Using pen with fountain tooth, bamboo and loose fiber reed, knife, brush, cotton rag and hands.